-Happiness in the world with Music and Ethical Fashion-

-KIZASI- is the ethical fashion brand taking an action through an entertainment of music and art and fashion
to various social problem and environmental issue.

[兆/KIZASI], which is also the origin of the brand name, means "a sign that something is about to happen.
A sign." And is often used as a forerunner of something like a "sign".

With the wish of "being a sign for a better future" for people, animals and the earth

The brand name is [兆-KIZASI-].






【Ethical Artist】





2011年     18歳で上京、音楽専門学校に進学  
2013年     ヴィジュアル系バンド【Ecthelion】-エクセリオン-でインディーズ活動開始 
2015年5月  バンド解散後、株式会社R’s にてモデル兼ECストア運営を任される  
2017年12月   映画「ザ・トゥルー・コスト」を観て衝撃を受けエシカルファッションと出会う  
2018年4月   株式会社R’s グラフィックデザイナーに就任 
8月    エシカルコンシェルジュ修了  
11月    エシカルファッションショーにてランウェイを歩く  
2019年3月     エシカル男子の会トークイベント登壇  
10月    株式会社R’sを退職 デザイナーとして独立  
11月    リメイクコンテスト審査員選出 
2020年2月   エシカルファッションブランド設立


He is a former guitarist for a visual band and now works as a fashion designer, model and artist in addition to a musician.

She was also interested in environmental and social issues, and she started her activities in the summer of 2018 as the "world's first visual ethical concierge."

In order to promote ethical fashion and sustainable life, she is appearing in various events such as ethical fashion shows and talk events with a new ethical "NEO ETHICAL".

2011: Moved to Tokyo at the age of 18 and entered Music University
In 2013, started indie activities in the visual band [-Ecthilion-]
One-man, do a national city tour
After dissolution in May 2015, he is in charge of R model and EC store.
In December 2017, I was shocked to see the movie "The True Cost" and came across an ethical fashion.
Appointed as graphic designer of Earl's Co., Ltd. in April 2018
Participation in the Ethics Concierge Course sponsored by the Ethics Society
Completed the Ethics Concierge in August
Walk the runway at the Ethical Fashion Show in November
March 2019 Talk Event at the Ethical Men's Association
October Retired from Earl's Co., Ltd. Independent as a designer.
Selected as a judge for the November remake contest
The look of an ethical fashion show
February 2020 Establishment of ethical fashion brand.